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The Important Stuff

Stay informed of all the latest updates regarding our group. From important announcements to information

about upcoming events, this is where you’ll find the most relevant articles about Newcastle Embroidery and Textile Art. 

We will also add information about other relevant exhibitions, open studios and craft fairs.

The Association of Northern Stitch Groups (ANSG) competitions and events for 2023 are as follows:

The AGM was held at Bowburn Community, Durham Road, Bowburn DH6 5AT Centre on 22 April 2023 and included

refreshments, a sales table, book stall (last chance), and a raffle.

The Annual General business meeting was followed by a talk by Dr Mary Brooks: ‘Unpicking the Morton Cope’

‘Medieval vestments reconfigured’. Followed by a Q & A session.

The  ANSG Competition, to be held at the Area Afternoon on 28th October 2023, has the title of SPACE. 

Entries can be in any embroidery technique but the stitched area should be no more than 5” (12.5cm) square -although the mount and/or frame can be larger. Three dimensional items should not exceed 5” (12.5 cm) in any direction.

There will be a £25 cash prize for the winner which will be chosen by the members.

The Fund-raising challenge, which all groups are encouraged to contribute to, is to provide card holders which

will be sold for £3 each or two for £5. The fabric pocket can be constructed in any way but should be

sized to be able to take a standard credit card, bank card, loyalty card, travel pass etc.

                                           Events around the North East

OLD LOW LIGHT CENTRE, Clifford’s Fort, North Shields Fish Quay, NE30 1JE  ‘A STITCH IN

NORTH SHIELDS TIME’ an exhibition by NORTHERN THREADS, from 25th July-23rd September. Entry to Centre £4.00.

PALACE ART’S GALLERY 28—29 Esplanade, Redcar, 'THREAD COUNTS’ an exhibition following the disruption of the fashion industry, through design, photography, crochet, embroidery, and archival material.

FARFIELD MILL, SEDBURGH LA10 5LW, Treasured Textiles, by group Textilla 3, from 4th October - 23rd Dec, 'The Natural World' Tapestry Touring Exhibition until 24th Sept and '5757 Aske to Kyoto' with Andrew and Jill Clay until 1st Oct.

THE BALTIC,  The Waiting Gardens until 24th May 2024.

THE BISCUIT FACTORY, 'Closer' and exhibition by Valerie Wartelle, who is a felt maker using natural fibres

GATESHEAD LIBRARY, Prince Consort Road, Gateshead NE8 4LN,  ‘A COMMON THREAD’ a Retrospective Exhibition by Clare Satow, during library hours. On until 7th October.

DARLINGTON STITCH &CREATE-join members for an afternoon with Nicola Jarvis, ‘HER FATHERS DAUGHTER—MAY MORRIS’. On 7th October, at 2.00pm, cost £5.00, contact to book a place. This is followed on Sunday 8th with a workshop ‘Bijoux Birds’, cost £50.00.

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