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Upcoming Activities



Chairmans Choice, to be picked at the January 2024 meeting. The title is 'Seaside'.  Can be worked in any medium, embroidery, applique, textile art, canvas work etc. No bigger than A4 (21 x 30 cms), but can be any size in between.

Creative Book Project

We launched our 2023 Stitch Day project at our January 2023 meeting. Based on the travelling books approach, we’ll develop a creative book, but, it won’t be passed on, this will be your own book in which you’ll complete each monthly topic (should you choose to). 

  • At each meeting we will randomly select a topic from our ideas pot, discuss as a group and share ideas around how the topic could be explored.

  • During the following 3-4 weeks, individually, we’ll explorethe topic, seeking out inspiration and information. Then use our sketch books to gather our research and develop and try out ideas.

  • Either before, or at the next meeting, use our initial work to complete a piece of textile art. This could be made of any medium:fabric, paper, stitch, thread, paint, the list is endless. The idea is that the completed pieces will form part of your book. See each month as an opportunity to learn something new, try something different and experiment. If an idea doesn’t go into your final piece, it doesn’t matter.

  • Monthly meetings will be a chance to: Share our work(if you wish to) and ideas and look for inspirationo. Ask for help if you need it, from other members or the committee. Set the topic for the following month•

  • Additionally at project meetings where we don’t have a speaker we will: Review our progress so far. Give help where needed. Look at areas where members may be struggling and need more support. Hold small demonstrations sharing skills and ideas.

There are no rules, the idea is that this project gives you the freedom to make your own choices, with a bit of inspiration and support, along the way, if you need them. And don’t forget to ENJOY.

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