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This is the winner of the 2023 Chairmans choice competition, congratulations Irene.
A beautiful example of stump work.

Below, top left, is a photo of Irene being presented with her certificate from Lynda, our Chair.

There were seventeen other entries, the remainder of which can be seen below.


An independent stich group in Newcastle where embroidery and textile art is for all.

Newcastle Embroidery and Textile Art is a new group, which was previously Newcastle upon Tyne Embroiderers’ Guild, and is now an independent stitch group. The Embroiderers Guild no longer has any branches. Our aims remain the same, our meeting day remains the same and our venue remains the same, see the About page for those details.

Our January 2023 meeting was our New Year lunch, followed by a quiz.

The competition was a box lid no more than five" square.

The variety of techniques can be seen below, some members went further than just the lid,

decorating the sides, and even the insides, lids and bases. An amazing display. 

The last photo, below, was completed by a member, one section for each month of 2022.

The details are amazing and the work involved extrodinary, sorry the photo does not do it justice.


The next big project for the group, for 2023, was started, the topic chosen at random

from the members suggestions was Sashiko with sequins.

This technique was unknown to some members, so photos were shared and

interpretations were discussed. 


The next two competitions details can be found on the Activites page.

We are delighted to add a Facebook page for our group

and it can be found at Newcastle Embroidery and Textile Art.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in embroidery and textile art,

you are welcome to attend our meetings.

If you wish to learn, we will do what we can to help you. 

More work can be found on the Gallery page and the Activities page.

(All images are produced with permissions of the owner and are copywrite.)

Go to our Activities page to see a textile publication by one of our members.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or questions please contact Jean at

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