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This is the winner of the 2023 members choice competition, congratulations Wendy.
A beautiful example of cut work.

Wendy was presented with her
certificate by Lynda, our Chair.

There were thirteen other entries, all of which were greatly admired and can
be seen below.


An independent stich group in Newcastle where embroidery and textile art is for all.

Newcastle Embroidery and Textile Art is now entering our third year, (previously

Newcastle upon Tyne Embroiderers’ Guild), and is an independent stitch group. 

Our aims remain the same, our meeting day remains the same and our venue

remains the same, see the About page for those details.

The November meeting was short on attendees, (lucky ones away at Harrogate) but we had

a great afternoon, our speaker was Donna Cheshire, and many commented on the

interesting and informative talk she gave us. Art history, its development, how the artists

learned from each other and how she related it to her work.

See below, Donna with four examples of her work.


Our book project topic chosen for November was Tress, great work ladies, photos below. 

The topic for December is 'A Sensory Delight', another great idea with plenty of

scope for interpretation,

The Chairmans Choice competition title, for the Januray meeting, is based

on the 'Seaside'. A piece of embroidery/textile no bigger than A4 (21 x 30 cms),

but can be any size in between.

All the latest from ANSG can be found on the News and Updates page.

We are delighted to add a Facebook page and Instagram page for our group

and it can be found at Newcastle Embroidery and Textile Art.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in embroidery and textile art,

you are welcome to attend our meetings.

If you wish to learn, we will do what we can to help you. 

Please note: All images are produced with permission of the owners and are copywrite.

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